Pet Sitting Jacksonville FL

Pet sitting Jacksonville FL from I Watch Your Pets, a pet sitting service in Jacksonville, Florida that watches and cares for your pets when you can’t. Reasonable rates and a caring pet sitter gives you the peace of mind you need so you can relax while you’re away.



  • Fully insured with specialized pet sitting insurance.
  • Receive a photo of your pet each time we visit.
  • Member – PetsitUSA Professional Association
  • Service area – Jacksonville FL south side
  • Price –  $18 each visit  (additional services may cost extra)
  • House keys are locked up until we need them. Security is a high priority with us.

pet sitting jacksonville fl

How It Works – The Short Version

Simply put, we offer a visiting pet service to take care of your pets in their own home when you’re away. We come by however many times a day you need us to and perform necessary tasks like feeding, watering, scooping, walking, exercising and just sitting down to play for a while.

How It Works – The Long Version

7643 Gate Parkway, Suite 104, Jacksonville, FL, 32256